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Special Topic: SCOAP3

In 2007, a new model emerged to convert high-guality High-Energy Physics (HEP) journals to Open Access. This model is titled SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physcis). The aim is for funding agencies and libraries, which subscribe to the HEP journals, to re-direct that subscription money in making these journals Open Access, with no author fees to publish in the journals. This consortium is international, just as research in HEP is international.
Since 2008, ACRL has supported the SCOAP3 initiative, welcoming this experimental new funding model as having tremendous potential to inform scholarly publishing more globally and has encouraged libraries to participate.  In 2009, ACRL and SPARC consulted with SCOAP3 to create a FAQ for US Libraries.
In September 2011, SCOAP3 announced it has secured enough pledges of funds and has started the tendering process.  An international team of experts from institutions participating in SCOAP3 has prepared a detailed description of the peer-review and open access services that the consortium intends to purchase through high-quality peer-reviewed journals, the conditions for the provision of these services and the implications on existing licensing agreements.
In July 2012, SCOAP3 announced that the tendering process was complete, and 12 journals from 7 publishers were identified for participation. Over 6,600 HEP articles were published in these journals in 2011.
The publishers and journals are:

In September 2012, the Article Processing Charges (APCs) were announced for all of these journals as part of the SCOAP3 tendering process. The SCOAP3 initiative was officially launched at CERN in Geneva on October 1st, 2012.
SCOAP3 announced in June 2013 that it was moving to the next step of signing contracts with publishers and establishing the consortia.  SCOAP3 also announced that American Physical Society (APS) had restructured its open access strategy and the journals Physical Review C and Physical Review D would no longer be included in SCOAPs.
In the US, Lyrasis is the National Contract Point for the SCOAP3 initiative.  If your library is interested in joining SCOAP3, contact Ann Okerson of Lyrasis at, or
For more information, visit the SCOAP3 website or SPARC's SCOAP3 website. SCOAP3 expects to be operational for articles published as of 2014.