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Author Addenda and Retaining Key Rights

The following Web sites provide sample addenda and suggested amendments to publishers' copyright agreements. The purpose of these addenda is to help authors be aware of the possibilities for retaining certain rights to their works. These Web sites are educational in nature and do not substitute for legal advice.

SPARC Author Addendum

SPARC Canadian Author Addendum

Science Commons Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine
Science Commons

Creative Commons
Creative Commons is devoted to building a layer of reasonable, flexible copyright. This link leads to a Web application that helps creators retain their copyright eventhough they might license works as free for certain uses.

Author Addenda
Open Access Directory (OAD) Links are provided to author addenda recommended by various universities and other institutions.

Negotiating Copyright Transfer Agreements
University of Oregon

Scholarly Publishing Office: Publishing Agreements
University of Michigan

Copyright at the University of Michigan: Author’s Addendum
University of Michigan

University of California Amendment to Publication Agreement
University of California

OhioLINK Library Community Recommendations on Retention of Intellectual Property Rights

Washington University Amendment to Publication Agreement
Washington University

Recommended Language for Manuscript Contracts
University of Kansas

SHERPA RoMEO: Publisher Copyright Policies & Self-Archiving
Information about open-access and self-archiving policies of publishers. This is an excellent source of information about publisher copyright policies in general, and may be useful if an author needs to know, after having signed an agreement, what rights he or she may have retained.

SHERPA/RoMEO: Publishers allowing the deposition of their published version/PDF in Institutional Repositories



ARL SPEC Kit 213 Author Addenda

ARL has published Author Addenda, SPEC Kit 310, which explores how ARL member libraries are promoting the use of author addenda by researchers at their institutions. Respondents to this SPEC survey provided information on the use of author addenda at their institutions, which rights authors were encouraged to retain, and the methods by which libraries were conducting promotion and outreach efforts on the topic of author rights and addenda. This SPEC Kit includes sample addenda, brochures, handouts, and author rights Web sites and slides from presentations to faculty and library staff. The table of contents and executive summary from this SPEC Kit are available online at