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Author Rights

Create Change
Targeted at scholars and researchers, this site describes how the scholarly communication landscape has changed in the Internet age and what benefits it has generated in the dissemination of scholarly information. The Canadian version of this site is available here.
Manage Your Intellectual Property
Created by the University of California Office of Scholarly Communication, this site discusses why retaining certain copyrights will enhance the dissemination, use, and impact of published scholarly works.
Your Copyright: Increase the Impact of Your Research
This MIT Libraries site addresses why it is important for authors to retain some rights to archive and reuse their publications. It also provides links to relevant online resources.
SPARC's Author Rights Initiatives This site informs academics of how to use the SPARC Author Addendum to retain their rights as authors of journal articles.
Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine
Tool to generate an addendum to a journal publisher's copyright transfer agreement in order for an author to retain certain rights.
Open Access Directory: Author Addenda
A list of author addenda created to help authors retain their rights.
SPARC Canadian Author Addendum
This page provides information on how to use an author addendum designed especially for Canadian academic authors. The French version of this page is available here.
This tool provides a summary of permissions that are usually given as part of a journal publisher's copyright transfer agreement.